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Mechanisms of Neural Network Development and Their Disorders

Project Leader Nobuaki Maeda

Leader Nobuaki Maeda


Neurons that are newly born in the brain during the development process form a neural circuit by extending neurites as appropriate while moving inside the brain. Incidence of abnormalities in the formation of these neural circuits is believed to be the cause of various neurological disorders, including cerebral dysplasia.

This project seeks to develop new methods of prevention and treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders by elucidating molecular mechanisms related to the function of the extracellular environmental factors that control nerve circuit formation as well as the movement mechanisms of excitatory and inhibitory neurons.


  • To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of neural circuit formation due to factors such as neurite formation and movement during the development phase of neurons
  • To elucidate the pathogenesis of psychiatric and neurological disorders caused by neural dysplasia and contribute to the development treatments