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Principles of Learning and Memory and Mechanisms Underlying Their Dysfunction

Project Leader Minoru Saitoe

Leader Minoru Saitoe


Learning and memory are important higher brain functions that represent fundamental mental activity and the maintenance of proper learning and memory function is necessary for maintaining quality of life.

This project aims to understand how the brain memorizes, stores, and as necessary, recalls important information by elucidating the activity of neural and molecular pathways responsible for storage. Simultaneously, it explores at the molecular and circuit levels the causes of memory dysfunction that arises due to aging and neuropsychiatric disease to provide basic data that may contribute toward apposite countermeasures.


  • To identify the genes responsible for learning and memory in a Drosophila model and attempt the visualization of the memory process using state-of-the-art imaging and light manipulation technology
  • To clarify the basic principles of learning and memory by verifying the findings from Drosophila model in mammalian models
  • To identify and abstract the molecular and neural basis of various memory impairment conditions from the complementary analysis of Drosophila and mammalian models