May 26, 2020

東京大学新領域創成科学研究科 メディカル情報生命専攻の説明会が開催されます。

Zoomによる研究内容紹介 および オンライン個別ラボ訪問(Zoomによるラボ訪問; 16:30から)を行います。コンタクトの方法は大学のサイトご覧ください。連絡をくだされば詳細お知らせします。

We present the newest information for students who are interested in working in our laboratory.

Finally we have chances to see you all. May 30 and June 6 (Saturday).

Look here.

We will have introductory presentations for your entry exam for Department of Computational Biology and Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo.

We will present our activities on line in the afternoon of both dates and you can talk to us on zoom after 16:30. You can get how to connect at the site above, but I can also send you information.

Contact: Hisao Masai at