April 21, 2021

We now recruit foreign graduate students who are interested in working with us.

The followings are the newest information on our laboratory. Please crick and get the documents.

1 General information here

2 Overview of the laboratory here

3 Research activities of the laboratory here

4 Frequently asked questions here

5 Laboratory members photos including foreign graduate students here

In you are interested in visiting the lab, or talking with me or with the members of the lab (on line), please send your e-mail at

masai-hs(at mark)igakuken.or.jp

We also have set up Zoom visiting time at 4 pm, May 8, 2021 after the Tokyo University graduate school introduction. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Participate in Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 862 1008 9818
Passcode: cbms