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Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation for Promoting Mental Health

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Large metropolises may be characterized as microcosms of our contemporary “stressful” society. Large cities overflow with various factors that undermine mental health even as the interpersonal ties on which individuals rely for support grow weaker. In this context, there have been demands for the multi-faceted promotion of mental health research using methodologies from clinical and social medicine.

This project engages with the promotion of mental health in large cities through a variety of initiatives. These include program development in conjunction with the sites of clinical and care-based practice and with empirical findings from large-scale birth cohort studies conducted in collaboration with municipal bodies in Tokyo, which is experiencing a declining birthrate and aging population.


  • To clarify factors in the prevention of mental health problems and enhancement of well-being in adolescents
  • To improve standards of care for people with dementia and families who live in the community
  • To develop a transition support program bridging acute hospitalization for mental illness with post-discharge outpatient medical care