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Technology Licensing Office

Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science aim to enhance the citizen’s health welfare by applying its research discovey to actual prediction/diagnosis/treatment for patients’ befnefit.

To achieve this aim, Technology Licensing Office was established in 2002 as a bridge between academia and industry.


  • Patent and license the research discovery
  • Manage joint/contracted researches with private corporations, and promote cooperation and coordination between industry-academia-government
  • Plan and organize meetings of our researchers with private corporations and other organizations
  • Search for "Research Seeds" generated at the institute


General manager Futoshi Shibasaki M.D.,Ph.D.
Senior manager Kazumasa Aoki Ph.D.
  • Yumiko Ogata Patent Attorney
  • Takeshi Osakabe M.Eng.
  • Ryoko Tsukahara Ph.D.
  • Yasuko Makino Ph.D.
  • Yoshika Aoki
  • Nobuko Takamatsu
  • Yuki Takahama
  • Yuko Hasebe
  • Ritsuko Torii
  • Kamiya Chieko
  • Fukui Satoko
  • Ito Yuko