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Technology Licencing Office

Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science aims at contributing to the enhancement of citizen health by utilizing research results that have been accumulated over the years.

To achieve this aim, Technology Licensing Office was established in 2002 as a bridge between academia and dustry.


  • Patenting and licensing the research results
  • Managing joint/contracted researches with private corporations, and promoting cooperation and coordination between industry-academic-government
  • Planning and administering exchange meetings with private corporations and other organizations
  • Providing information of the "Research Seeds" of the Institution


General manager Futoshi Shibasaki M.D.,Ph.D.
Senior manager Kazumasa Aoki Ph.D.
  • Yumiko Ogata Patent Attorney
  • Takeshi Osakabe M.Eng.
  • Ryoko Tsukahara Ph.D.
  • Yasuko Makino Ph.D.
  • Yoshika Aoki
  • Nobuko Takamatsu
  • Yuki Takahama
  • Yuko Hasebe
  • Ritsuko Torii
  • Kamiya Chieko
  • Fukui Satoko
  • Ito Yuko