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Identification of Molecular Targets of Cancers and Infectious Diseases − Medical Applications

Project Leader Futoshi Shibasaki

Leader Futoshi Shibasaki

Selected Publications

  1. Li Q, et al. (2018) “Int6/eIF3e Silencing Promotes Placenta Angiogenesis in a Rat Model of Pre-eclampsia.” Sci. Reports 12, 8(1):8944
  2. Endo F, et al. (2017) “Development of a simple and quick immun-chromato-graphy method for detection of anti-HPV-16/-18 antibodies.” PLoS One. 12(2):e0171314.
  3. Sakurai A, et al. (2015) “Fluorescent immunochromatography for rapid and sensitive typing of seasonal influenza viruses.” PLoS One. 10(2):e0116715.
  4. Nakano S, et al. (2015) “Immunochromato-graphic Detection of Serum Anti-a-Galactosidase A Antibodies in Fabry Patients after Enzyme Replacement Therapy.” PLoS One. 10(6):e0128351.
  5. Hashimoto T and Shibasaki F (2015) “Hypoxia-inducible factor as an angiogenic master switch.” Front. Pediatr. 3:33.
  6. Sakurai A, et al. (2014) “Multi-colored immunochromatography using nanobeads for rapid and sensitive typing of seasonal influenza viruses.” J. Virol. Methods. 209:62-68.
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  9. Li Chen, et al. (2007) “Mammalian Tumor Suppressor Int6 Specifically Targets HIF-2α To Degradation by Hypoxia- And pVHL- Independent Regulation.” J. Biol. Chem. 282. 12707.
  10. Chen L, et al. (2010) “Int6/eIF3e Silencing Promotes Functional Blood Vessel Outgrowth and Enhances Wound Healing by Upregulating HIF2-a Expression.” Circulation 122: 910-919.