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19 May 2017
Hikaru Tsuchiya (Laboratory of Protein Metabolism) published a paper on ”Elucidation of the major pathway for proteasomal degradation” in Molecular Cell.

Elucidation of the major pathway for proteasomal degradation

Tsuchiya et al. perform a quantitative MS analysis of ubiquitin linkage-type selectivity on 14 ubiquitin-binding effector proteins and the proteasome. The comprehensive analysis provides an overall picture of the Ub network via UBD proteins. Their work also reveals that proteasomal degradation is predominantly regulated by the Cdc48-Rad23/Dsk2 axis and that the Cdc48 cofactor Npl4 specifies the K48-linkage selectivity.

Tsuchiya, H., Ohtake, F., Arai, N., Kaiho, A., Yasuda, S., Tanaka, K., and Saeki, Y.
In Vivo Ubiquitin Linkage-type Analysis Reveals that the Cdc48-Rad23/Dsk2 Axis
Contributes to K48-linked Chain Specificity of the Proteasome.
Mol Cell 66, 488-502 (2017)

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