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Optimization of Nursing Care and Community Based Management for Incurable Diseases

Project Leader Yuki Nakayama

Yuki Nakayama


Patients recovering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which combines some of the most severe medical and disability needs, face suffering that includes respiratory discomfort and the inability to eat as well as human indignities such as not being able to make themselves understood.

This project seeks to develop support systems to enable patients to recuperate in a state of relaxation in the safety and security of a familiar setting, which will lead to a home care support model for a Japan experiencing a super-aged society and thus, contribute to the improvement of QOL.


  • To promote the practical application of new communications support technologies and create a support system that can be used when needed
  • To improve nursing care that will lead to the dignity and life maintenance of patients with ALS and other severe disabilities
  • To promote the enhancement of a safe care environment and support system through the promotion of home care safety and health activities for patients with intractable diseases