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Optimization of Nursing Care and Community Based Management for Incurable Diseases

Project Leader Yuki Nakayama

Yuki Nakayama

Brief summary of research

Improving the Quality Of Life of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

”Our mission is to establish the best practices for respiratory and communication management for ALS patients in a community-based setting.
We have established a multidisciplinar y research team to develop a Brain Machine Interface for ALS patients.”

Akiko Ogura

Akiko Ogura, Ph.D.

Administration of Community-Based Nursing

Are there enough visiting nurse stations in this community ?
“Do patients live well ? ”

Michiko Haraguchi

Michiko Haraguchi, Ph.D.

Quality Assurance of Home Care

Collaboration between visiting Nurse and workers. Risk management on Home Mechanical Ventilation, and Construction of information system for Medical Near-miss/adverse event. Needs of Nursing Support in Outpatient Department on Patients with AlS.

Chiharu Matsuda

Chiharu Matsuda, Ph.D.

Establishing specialized oral nursing Care system for advanced ALS patient

Yumi Itagaki

Yumi Itagaki, M.S.

Patients with intractable diseases Analysis of physical and psycho-social data of patients