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NEW!! Cdc7-Claspinの複製ストレスチェックポイント活性化における役割に関するeLife誌の論文のeLife digestなど

2020年2月6日 Yang君の論文(eLife 2019;8:e50796 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.50796)のeLife digestが発表されました。ここでご覧ください。また、本論文のeLife cover posterをここからご自由にダウンロードしてください。


2019年(令和元年)12月31日 E-life誌に新しい論文が採択されました。

Title:Cdc7 activates replication checkpoint by phosphorylating the Chk1 binding domain of Claspin in human cells

Authors:Chi-Chun Yang, Hiroyuki Kato, Mayumi Shindo and Hisao Masai*

Abstract:Replication checkpoint is essential for maintaining genome integrity in response to various replication stresses as well as during the normal growth. The evolutionally conserved ATR-Claspin-Chk1 pathway is induced during replication checkpoint activation. Cdc7 kinase, required for initiation of DNA replication at replication origins, has been implicated in checkpoint activation but how it is involved in this pathway has not been known. Here, we show that Cdc7 is required for Claspin-Chk1 interaction in human cancer cells by phosphorylating CKBD (Chk1-binding-domain) of Claspin. The residual Chk1 activation in Cdc7-depleted cells is lost upon further depletion of casein kinase1 (CK1γ1), previously reported to phosphorylate CKBD. Thus, Cdc7, in conjunction with CK1γ1, facilitates the interaction between Claspin and Chk1 through phosphorylating CKBD. We also show that, whereas Cdc7 is predominantly responsible for CKBD phosphorylation in cancer cells, CK1γ1plays a major role in non-cancer cells, providing rationale for targeting Cdc7 for cancer cell-specific cell killing.



60th anniversary issue of BBRCに論文掲載

2019年(令和元年)10月2日 BBRC誌、”60th anniversary issue of BBRC”に論文掲載されました

Title: For 60th birthday of BBRC: DNA replication factors outside S phase

Author: Hisao Masai


現代化学に岡崎フラグメント50周年 記念原稿掲載

2019年(令和元年)9月1日 現代化学誌に岡崎フラグメント50周年記念の記念の小論文が掲載されました。


Authors: 正井久雄


なお、未公開long versionはこちらです。


2019年(令和元年)8月17日 Scientific Reports誌に新しい論文が採択されました。

Title:  Cdc7 kinase stimulates Aurora B kinase in M-phase

Authors: Sayuri Ito, Hidemasa Goto, Kinue Kuniyasu, Mayumi Shindo,Masayuki Yamada, Kozo Tanaka, Gaik-Theng Toh, Masaaki Sawa, Masaki Inagaki, Jiri Bartek, Hisao Masai