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Mammalian disease models were contributed the identification of the causes of pathogenic mechanisms. Their demand will be increased because generic factors and molecular mechanisms of the most genetic disease of human are still unknown in the most genetic disease. In particularly, mammalian disease models are important tools for discovering the genes that are responsible for genetic diseases, allowing the processes that regulate the onset of genetic diseases, and evaluation of the effectiveness of a new drug; therefore, the establishment is essential study. Our project aims the establishment of novel mammalian disease models for phenotypic analysis of genetic diseases in human and identification of the causes of pathogenic mechanisms by approaches of the forward and reverse genetics.


Nov. 2022
New technical staffs, Ting Mao and Ornjira Prakhongcheep have joined our lab.

Sep. 2022
New publication! Two Loci Contribute to Age-Related Hearing Loss Resistance in the Japanese Wild-Derived Inbred MSM/Ms Mice by Yasuda SP et al. (Biomedicines)

May 2022
New publication! Characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms for a forward genetics approach using genetic crosses in C57BL/6 and BALB/c substrains of mice by Miura I et al. (Experimental Animals)

Apr. 2022
New technical staff, Ai Takahashi has joined our lab.

Mar. 2022
・Ikuo Miura has obtained PhD (Medicine) from Niigata University.

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