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Center for Basic Technology Research

The Basic Technology Research Center provides multiple resources to assist the researchers of the institute to conduct researches with the maximum efficiency. The services provided include state-of-the art technologies required for biomedical and life science researches at their highest level, and maintenance of various facilities which are routinely used by the researchers. Details of the services provided and their specific activities are given below.

  • The Animal Research Division maintains the animal facility that is used by all the researchers who use animals for their research. It assists researchers to generate knock-out or transgenic animals as well as to maintain sperms and eggs of various lines of mutant animals. It also provides maximal care for the welfare of the animals used in the research.
  • The Advanced Technical Support Department consists of Protein Analyses, FACS, Microarray, Confocal Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, and Histology Laboratories etc. and offers state-of-the-art technology to the researchers.
  • The Information Support Department consists of Library, Information Technology Section, Media Technology Laboratory and Graphic Design Unit. It assists researchers with searches for references, provides supports for daily use of computer systems, and deals with the media.
  • The Authorized and General Core Facility Department consists of Radioisotope Laboratory, Hazardous Chemical Control Room and General Common Facility, and provides the researchers with various special and common facility as well as safety regulations for accident-free daily operation of the institute.