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Website Terms of Use

This site (the Igakuken homepage) is created and maintained by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science (Igakuken). Information posted on this site can be used subject to the following conditions. Please be sure to read when using this website.

Copyright Notice

  1. Unless specifically noted otherwise, all information provided on this site (including text, illustrations, images, PDF files, etc.) is subject to copyright. The site in its entirety is also subject to copyright as an editorial work and protected by Japanese copyright law and international treaties. Copyright for some images is owned by the original authors.
  2. Information provided on this site is available for use without permission within the scope permitted by copyright law for private use or citation for educational and non-commercial purposes. However, the information may not be modified without permission. When using, please be sure to attribute the source as follows: “©Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Medical Science”

Links Policy

  1. As a rule, this site (http://www.igakuken.or.jp/) may be linked to freely.
  2. Please do not set up pages that display this site in frames.


When using or linking to this site, usage is prohibited in connection with any of the following acts:

  1. Matters that are or risk being contrary to law and public order
  2. Matters that would detract or would risk detracting from Igakuken’s honor or reputation
  3. Matters that would infringe or would risk infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights pertaining to the products of Igakuken research and development
  4. Other matters deemed by Igakuken to be inappropriate


Igakuken bears no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences incurred either directly or indirectly from the use of this site.

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Files in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word format may be posted to this website. Please use the appropriate software to view these files.

JavaScript and Plugins

Some pages on this website use JavaScript and other plugins. We recommend that before using the website you check the instructions for the page being displayed, enable your JavaScript settings, and install any necessary plugins.


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