• Genome Dynamics Project

Genome Dynamics Project

Stable inheritance of genome and its dysregulation in cancer development

Project Leader Sasanuma Hiroyuki

Project Leader
Sasanuma Hiroyuki


The inheritance and maintenance of the genome involve controlled execution of various chromosome transactions, including DNA replication, repair of lesions, and precise distribution of replicated chromosomes into daughter cells. The error-free achievement of these processes requires numerous genomic signatures and proteins that act on them as well as cellular signaling reactions that are activated in response to various environmental and endogenous signals. Changes in the factors involved in these individual processes are responsible for diseases such as cancer.

We seek to understand molecular mechanisms of genome DNA replication and how it is controlled, which are essential to elucidation of how genome is stably maintained and accurately inherited. For that, we try to clarify molecular machinery involved in the process of DNA replication and decipher the signals embedded in genome sequences and structures that control it. Through these efforts, we will try to understand the molecular basis of pathogenesis for various diseases including cancer and apply our discovery to the development of new strategies for their diagnosis and treatment.


  • To elucidate the molecular mechanisms of genome DNA replication that are conserved from human cells to bacteria
  • To elucidate the physiological significance of the unique DNA structures of the genome in its stable inheritance and maintenance
  • To create new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies against cancer and other diseases on the basis of new findings


Project Leader Hiroyuki Sasanuma

  • Hisao Masai
  • Zhiying You
  • Taku Tanaka
  • Yutaka Kanoh
  • Youichi Tajima
  • Tomohiro Iguchi
  • Chi-Chun YANG