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Physiological Characterization of Frontal Lobe Neural Networks and Their Dysfunction in Disease

Frontal Lobe Function Project


The frontal lobe, which is highly developed in humans and other primates, plays a major role in the control of cognitive behavior and comprises the basal ganglia and cerebellum as well as other cortical sites and networks.

By analyzing the contrasting the functional role of the frontal lobe’s networks in both healthy and abnormal states, this study seeks to elucidate the mechanisms of frontal lobe networks and pathologies of behavioral abnormalities that arise due to their failure.


  • To elucidate frontal lobe network mechanisms involved in behavioral control
  • To elucidate the mechanism by which functional abnormalities of frontal lobe networks lead to abnormal behavior


Project Leader Eiji Hoshi

  • Yoshihisa Nakayama
  • Hiroaki Ishida
  • Osamu Yokoyama

Leader eiji hoshi

Project Leader eiji hoshi