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13th IGAKUKEN International Symposium on ”Molecular Basis of Viral Disease”

− The event was finished. (終了しました) −

日時(Date) 2015年11月20日(金曜日)午前9:30~17:30
9:30 am - 5:30pm November 20(Fri), 2015

東京都医学総合研究所 二階講堂
〒156-8506 東京都世田谷区上北沢2-1-6

2-1-6 Kamikitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-8506, Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science


※ 3日(土日・祝日を除く)たっても、返信メールが届かない場合は、お手数ですが、再度申し込みをお願いします。

Registration:Registration in advance by E-mail.
Fill in the registration form and E-mail it to the secretariat.
※ When you do not receive a reply E-mail within three working days,please send the form again.


登録用紙(Registration form)



Attendees:up to 100

参加費(Participation cost)

Participation cost:Free

(Application deadline)

October 31(Sat), 2015

連絡先(Contact) 東京都医学総合研究所(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
Phone: 03-5316-3109

プログラム及び演者(Program & Speakers)

9:30Opening remarks(Satoshi Koike)
9:45 − 11:05Session 1(Chair: Mitsutoshi Yoneyama)
9:45 − 10:10Takaji Wakita(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
“Molecular mechanisms of hepatitis C virus membrane replication complex formation”
10:10 − 10:35Shusuke Kuge(Tohoku Pharmaceutical University)
“Analysis of HCV core cytotoxicity utilizing yeast system”
10:35 − 11:05Stanley Lemon(The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
“Type 1 Interferon Responses Define the Host Species Range and Pathogenicity of Human Hepatitis A Virus”
11:05 − 11:20Break
11:20 − 12:15Session 2(Chair: Tetsuro Matano)
11:20 − 11:45Michiaki Masuda(Dokkyo Medical University)
“Achlorophyllous algae of Prototheca spp. as emerging pathogens”
11:45 − 12:10Satoshi Koike(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical science)
“Development of a new animal model for enterovirus 71 infection”
12:10 − 13:10Lunch break
13:10 − 14:50Session 3(Chair: Takaji Wakita)
13:10 − 13:35Mitsutoshi Yoneyama(Chiba University)
“Molecular machinery of viral RNA recognition by RIG-I-like receptors”
13:35 − 14:00Tetsuro Matano(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
“Lasting viral control by CD8+ T cells in a macaque AIDS model”
14:00 − 14:25Hideo Iba(IMS, University of Tokyo)
“Host miRNAs with anti-viral potential against multiple viruses”
14:25 − 14:50Kyosuke Nagata(University of Tsukuba)
“RNA replicon operation based on the interplay between viral and host”
14:50 − 15:05Break
15:05 − 16:05Session 4(Chairs: Hideo Iba)
15:05 − 15:35Olen Kew(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)
“Poliomyelitis in Twilight: A Genetic Portrait of the Eradication of a Disease”
15:35 − 16:05Francis Delpeyroux(Institut Pasteur, France)
“Evolution and emergence of polioviruses through recombination”
16:05 − 16:20Break
16:20 − 17:20Session 5(Chairs: Kyosuke Nagata)
16:20 − 16:50Bert Semler(University of California, Irvine, USA)
“Viral strategies to hijack and alter host cell functions during picornavirus replication”
16:50 − 17:20Eckard Wimmer(Stony Brook University, USA)
“The Unique Pathway Securing Specificity in Enterovirus Assembly”
17:20 − 17:35Closing remarks(Satoshi Koike)