2019年度 医学研セミナー

Elsevier Author Workshop – How to write a scientific paper… and get it published

− この都医学研セミナーは終了しました。 −

演者 Valerie M. Teng-Broug博士(エルゼビア、アムステルダム、オランダ)
会場 東京都医学総合研究所 2階講堂
2019年10月3日(木) 16:30〜
世話人 所長 正井久雄
参加自由 詳細は下記問合せ先まで
お問い合わせ 研究推進課 普及広報係
電話 03-5316-3109


Objective of the seminar : To understand the publication process - from metrics to ethics - and successfully publish your research in a competitive international market.

This workshop will help early career researchers to prepare quality manuscripts that will improve their chances of acceptance of research papers and manuscripts by reputed journals. Participants are offered a clearer picture to strategically structure their paper, meet editors’ and publishers’ expectations, present their work in an ethical way and understand how to measure the impact of their research using various tools.

About the speaker : Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Valerie holds a degree in Communication. She has worked for Elsevier since 1995, holding various publishing positions, working on both journals and books series within the fields of Economics, Econometrics, Mathematics and currently in Biochemistry and Biophysics.