平成28年度 医学研セミナー

Biogenesis of mitochondrial outer membrane proteins in evolutionary context

− この都医学研セミナーは終了しました。 −

演者 Professor Doron Rapaport ;
Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry, University of Tübingen, Germany
会場 東京都医学総合研究所 2階講堂
日時 平成28年10月11日(火)16:00~17:00
世話人 松田 憲之 (ユビキチンプロジェクトリーダー)
参加自由 詳細は下記問合せ先まで
お問い合わせ 研究推進課 普及広報係


The mitochondrial outer membrane (MOM) mediates multiple interactions between the mitochondrial metabolic and genetic systems and the rest of the eukaryotic cell. Biogenesis of this membrane involves integration of newly synthesized proteins into the lipid bilayer. Among these precursor proteins are those that span the membrane once, twice or with multiple segments. Our aim is to fully define the biological processes and molecular mechanisms that underlie the biogenesis of MOM proteins. Employing in vitro, in organello and in vivo experiments we could characterize unique import pathways for the various families of MOM proteins. Remarkably, the biogenesis of β-barrel proteins is conserved from Gram–negative bacteria to mitochondria and this conservation allows the organelle to recognized and process bacterial substrates.