平成26年度 医学研セミナー

The secret lives of stem cells: unraveling the molecular basis of stem cell aging

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演者 Prof.Kyung-Sun Kang, DVM, PhD (Adult Stem Cell Research Center, Seoul National University)
会場 東京都医学総合研究所 2BC会議室
日時 平成26年11月21日(金)14:00
世話人 芝崎 太 参事研究員(ゲノム医科学研究分野)
参加自由 詳細は下記問合せ先まで
お問い合わせ 研究推進課 普及広報係


Stem cell aging can be described as a loss of self-renewal, and by passing replicative senescence is a crucial step for the maintenance of stem cell self-renewal. The loss of self-renewal leads to the breakdown of cellular and tissue homeostasis and the impairment of tissue maintenance and repair. In other words, the regulation of stem cell aging is important not only extend sefl-renewal and ex vivo expansion of stem cells, but also to comprehend and further promote the differentiation and tissue regeneration potential of stem cells. The knowledge can extend and apply for the reprogramming of somatic cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells and direct conversion technologies. Given that senescence-mediated diminution of regenerative potential of tissues might be caused by the loss of self-renewal in tissue specific adult stem cells, the mechanism of adult stem cell aging in vivo and in vitro is important to understand the regulatory mechanisms of human aging.